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Novos Mundos has two categories of rules. Community rules and Game rules. Community rules concern the behaviour between members and are focused on creating a safe and friendly space for all. Breaking these rules may result in measures varying from warnings to complete bans from all assets of Novos Mundos. Game rules concern the day to day operation of Novos Mundos RP. These rules are less what is prohibited and more how the roleplay works.


Community Rules

  1. Harassment in any way shape or form or any kind of threats directed against other members or staff will result in an immediate and irreversible ban from Novos Mundos. If the harassment or threats could constitute a felony, Novos Mundos staff may notify law enforcement and provide any evidence.
  2. Doxxing will result in an immediate and irreversible ban from Novos Mundos.
  3. Novos Mundos respects life in all its variety. As such no member may be discriminated against or otherwise disenfranchised by virtue of their race, nationality, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, political preferrence or any other factor that can be considered a protected class.
  4. The Novos Mundos website, community forums and Discord are intended for community and game related chat. Spamming or advertising may only occur in designated areas.
  5. You may only post material that you have the legal right to post.
  6. All discussions must remain on topic and civil; personal attacks, trolling, flaming, etc are not allowed.
  7. You may not post any obscene material. Obscene material includes but is not limited to pornography, snuff content, content depicting extreme violence or cruelty against human or animal. The staff will always have the final say if content is obscene.
  8. The staff may at any point modify these rules.
  9. If a situation occurs that is not covered by these rules but can hurt Novos Mundos, the staff may take additional measures not covered by the rules.

Game Rules

Game rules are divided into different categories.



  1. An entity is any organized unit that is actively written for by a player.
  2. Every player may own only a single entity at a time.
  3. Players may not write for any person or asset outside of their entity without permission from the owner of the affected entity or in the case of unclaimed land the staff.
  4. Upon creating an entity each player will have 90 days of immunity. During this time no overt or covert aggressive act may be taken against their entity. If a player under immunity engages in overt or covert aggressive acts, the staff may rescind immunity.
  5. If a player does not engages in an RP activity for longer than 30 days without permission from the staff, their entity may be removed.
  6. When requesting an entity a player may deviate from real life borders. The staff will decide on a case by case basis and will always have the final word.


  1. As a replacement for global currency, players will be granted a certain amount of points upon creating their entity. These points may be used to buy military assets.
  2. New entities will start with a randomly generated point amount between 200 and 300.
  3. Each month up to 5 points will be awarded to players who have participated in the previous month. The exact number is randomly generated.
  4. Assets may be scrapped in which case 60% of the point value is returned.
  5. Points can be traded between players.
  6. If the staff determines a trade does not make sense from a story point of view, they may block it.
  7. Players may transfer their point awards to a new entity once every six (6) months.

Good Behaviour Points

  1. Good Behaviour Points are an out of character currency that players can use to obtain certain perks.
  2. Good Behaviour Points will be rewarded for actions including but not limited to; recruiting new players, aiding the staff, rewards for contests and at the discretion of staff.
  3. Good Behaviour Points are linked to the player and as such will persist regardless of entity.


  1. A conflict is considered any roleplay involving two or more entities or non played nations that includes military, paramilitary or intelligence forces of any kind.
  2. If a conflict involves a non played nation, it is the responsibility of the initiatior to write out a realistic defence. The staff may take over or assign another player to act as the non played nation if a player is deemed to be abusing the system.
  3. Non played nations will be granted a random amount of points based on their tier to create a military for conflict roleplay.
  4. All forces used by entities must have been ordered with points and listed in the designated area on the website, forum or wiki.
  5. After each entry in a conflict roleplay, the other person will have 7 days to respond. If no response is made within 7 days the writer of the entry may request an auto advance. Depending on circumstances the staff may increase or decrease the available time on a case-by-case basis.
  6. All disputes arising in a conflict roleplay that cannot be resolved by the players themselves and is not covered by these rules will be ruled on by staff. A staff decision is final.
  7. Players may not use weapons of mass destruction without approval from the staff.


  1. All technology in service in real life will be available to all players, regardless of the territories in their entity control such technology in real life.
  2. Players may design custom technology, provide such custom technology is possible given the constraints of current real life technology.
  3. Custom technology is tied exclusively to both the player and entity. A new player in the same area or the original player in a new entity cannot use said custom technology. Players may give custom technology as well as their designs to other players through roleplay.
  4. All custom technology must be approved by the staff.
  5. The staff will outline the procedure for developing and categorizing custom technology.
  6. Players may rename technology, provided they list the original designs in their overview for reference in roleplay.
  7. Specific near-future technology with no military impact may be used by players.
  8. Space technology that will be possible in the near-future may be approved for use by the staff.
  9. Regardless of real-life or previous entity capabilities, all entities must do research to develop biological, chemical, radiological or nuclear weapons.


  1. Graphic depictions of particularly heinous content may not  be written out in detail. These acts may be referred to but only in general lines. Examples of sufficiently heinous content include: genocide,  ethnic cleansing, aggravated murder, sexual violence or torture.