United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Entity Information

Territories: United Kingdom including it's Crown Dependencies (Guernsey, Jersey and Isle of Man) and Overseas Territories (Anguilla; Bermuda; British Indian Ocean Territory; British Virgin Islands; Cayman Islands; Falkland Islands; Gibraltar; Montserrat; Pitcairn Islands; Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha; South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands; Turks and Caicos Islands)
Capital: London
Languages: English
Population: 69000000

Government Information

Government Form: Constitutional Monarchy

King: Henry IX
Prime Minister: Christin/ Exeter
Other Government Officials:
Peter Martin, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs; Foreign Office
Tobias Watson, Secretary of State for the Home Department; Home Office
Rishi Suresh, Secretary of State for Defence; Ministry of Defence


The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (United Kingdom of UK) is a country in western Europe. It is made up of the Island of Great Britian, six counties of the Island of Ireland, Channel Islands and several overseas territories, which are the remnant of the former British Empire. Four constituent countries make up the UK; England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland with regional capitals in London, Cardiff, Belfast and Edinburgh. It is separated from continental Europe by the English Channel.<br /> <br /> The government, located in London, is a centralized parliamentary constitutional monarchy. The current Head of State, Henry IX. The Prime Minister is a member of parliament, usually from the majority party. Elections are held every 5 years and UK citizens may elect their representatives. The monarch is a hereditary position held by the House of Windsor since 1917, when it was renamed from Saxe-Coburg and Gotha,


The modern British state is an amalgam of the Kingdoms of England, Ireland, and Scotland. The Treaty of Union between England and Scotland established the Kingdom of Great Britain in 1707 and the Acts of Union in 1800 established the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. As Europe entered the industrial era, Britain emerged as one of the preeminent Great Powers and established a massive overseas empire. At it's zenith the British Empire was the largest empire in history covering nearly 1/4 of the Earth with over 400,000,000 people were counted as subjects of the crown.<br /> <br /> Britain was a major player in both world wars, but following the devastation and death of the First World War the UK and it's leaders were unwilling to take a firm stance against Germany leading to the invasion of Poland in 1939. Two days later Britain joined France in declaring war on Germany. The Allies suffered a major setback in the early months of the war, abandoned the continent and began preparing for the worst. The Soviet Union's entry into the war against Germany may have saved Britain from invasion, the country still suffered months of aerial bombardment by the Luftwaffe. While the allies eventually prevailed over Germany and Japan Britain's economic and military might waned as did it's empire. The country struggled to recover for nearly half a century.<br /> <br /> After 8 years of war, most of the UK's population had transitioned to a war economy, and the country's leaders had difficulty to reverting to a peacetime economy. This led to a post-war reconstruction led by the military in collaboration with private investors which discouraged foreign investment. By the end of the 20th century British society had become more collectivized with citizens encouraged to devote themselves to the state. The government gladly shed many of it's colonies as many leaders felt they had become a drain on the economy. Only those considered strategically or culturally important or with significant European remain under the jurisdiction of The Crown.<br /> <br /> The 21st century brought renewed economic grown and cooperation with foreign powers, but the militaristic society remains the dominant at home. Many citizens are asked to contribute to the greater good and while military service is voluntary many benefits of citizen ship are denied to those who do not serve.