Russian Empire

Entity Information

Territories: Russian Federation and Crimea
Capital: Moscow
Languages: Russian

Government Information

Government Form: Constitutional Monarchy

Emperor: Mikhail Alexandrovich Romanov
Prime Minister: Vladimir Belyakov
Other Government Officials:
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Yelena Zhirova
Minister of Defense - Vasily Yezhov
Minister of Internal Affairs and Chairman of the Unified Intelligence Bureau - Ivan Nikiforov


The two-state framework governing Russia has failed. From Moscow to Vladivostok the country has been thrown into turmoil. Economic stagnation, rising inflation, and civil unrest have gripped the country and both governments have resigned in shame. Now, a small cohort of politicians have joined together to form a provisional government that can resolve the crisis. The new government looks to the past to guide Russia into the future and unify the people.<br /> <br /> Mikhail Romanov has been crowned Mikhail III in Moscow after a 200 year interregnum. Will he be a modernizer, or a regressive autocrat like his ancestors?