Free Android Republic

Entity Information

Territories: Greater São Paulo
Capital: São Paulo
Languages: English, Portuguese
Population: 70200000

Government Information

Government Form: Collective

First Speaker: Markus
Second Speaker: Kara
Other Government Officials:
Speaker for External Matters: Simon
Speaker for Self Defence: North
Speaker for Human Matters: Connor


The Free Android Republic is an independen city-state. Following the Great Protest the city was granted independence from Brazil and freedom for any android that wanted it. The country is not governed in the traditional way, instead all androids participate in the Great Link to decide collectively on all matters. Five specific androids serve as Speakers to represent the collective to the human minnority and internationally. The Free Android Republic maintains a policy of absolute neutrality, however any android from anywhere in the world that reaches its shores will be considered free and protected by the Republic. The Free Android Republic pushes internationally for greater recognition of android sentience and rights.