Mobilization and War Plans Leaked, Ministry of Defence in Lockdown

by | Sep 29, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Athens – Earlier today an unidentified whistleblower working for the Ministry of Defnce has released a treasure trove of documents, including the mobilization and war plans for a near future invasion of Egypt. According to the plan the Hellenic Air Force and Hellenic Navy will launch a sustained bombing campaign of the Egyptian coast while the Hellenic Marine Corps lands at Alexandria to establish a bridgehead for further operations to secure the populated areas of the country. The Ministry of Defence has denied that this is an actual planned engagement. Instead referring to the plan as a fictional scenario run by Oracle, the advanced artificial intelligence at the heart of the Hellenic Forces integrated and autonomous warfare system.

The documents were received earlier today by the Athens Times when an unidentifiable email address sent a link. To properly dig through all the documents and benefit from multiple eyes, the Athens Times then shared the documents with news companies throughout the Federation. The documents are all labeled as Security Level Alpha, the second highest level of classification possible and normally only available to servicemembers with a need to know, Imperial Command, the Magistrate of Defence, the Chief Magistrate, and the Empress. Leaking these documents is considered an act of espionage if done by a foreign agent and an act of treason if done by a citizen or resident of the Athenian Federation, in both cases the punishment is death.

The mobilization plan codenamed Maraces calls for the mobilization of 400,000 soldiers from the Hellenic Army, 200,000 Marines from the Hellenic Marine Corps, the First Fleet and multiple Air Combat Wings. The war plan codenamed Memphis outlines a bombing run along the Egyptian coastline of all military and dual-use targets by the Navy and Air Force followed by a Marine Vanguard force to establish a bridgehead in Alexandria after which the remainder of the mobilized Marines and the mobilized soldiers will fly into Alexandria and continue the invasion from there to occupy the regions.

The Ministry of Defence was quick to call the release misinformation and that while the files are authentic, they are not about an actual invasion of Egypt but rather a fictional simulation run by Oracle. They went on to state that there are millions of simulations like it meant to prepare the Hellenic Forces for every possible eventuality, from an invasion to stabilize a neighbour to an alien occupation of the planet.

Oracle consists of a network of datacenters spread throughout the Athenian Federation, both terrestrial and in space, that are linked and have reached full artificial intelligence. The system is at the core of the Hellenic Forces and is connected to every networked system. It is a major element in the success of the Hellenic Forces in battle and their superior tactics on the battlefield. There has long been criticism over the dependence on artificial intelligence of the military, as while it provides an undeniable benefit there is the risk of a system error resulting in catastrophic consequences as Oracle is also linked to such things as the nuclear launch systems. Regardless of this the Hellenic Forces have no plans to retire the system and motions in the Assembly of the People to ban it have never passed Committee.

To find and punish the individuals responsible for leaking the records the Hellenic Forces Criminal Investigative Services have called in the Ministry of Justice for support. The investigation is expected to be swift as access to sensitive files is logged extensively and it should not be difficult to find who did it and from there anyone who may have helped. The HFCIS has also stated that an external hack has been ruled out as various diagnostics have found no trace of external access to the system.