Queen Alba Pushes for Unification Acts

by | Sep 28, 2022 | In Character, News | 0 comments

Madrid – Following years of gradual unification efforts, Queen Alba has earlier today put her weight behind the Union with Spain Act in the Portuguese Assembleia do Reino and the Union with Portugal Act in the Cortes Generales. If passed the laws would end the Personal Union between Spain and Portugal, and instead create the Empire of Iberia. An early poll of both the Spanish and Portuguese legislatures shows widespread support for unification, especially as home rule will remain preserved under the Empire.

The Personal Union that created the Iberian Union from the Kingdom of Spain and the Kingdom of Portugal was established after the death of the Queen’s uncle in 2098. Queen Alba had already become Queen of Portugal at the age of 5 in 2087 when her parents died in a tragic car accident. For the first two years the two countries remained ruled effectively independent as regencies were in place in both, however upon the Queen’s 18th birthday she started ruling both of them effectively. Unification has long been popular among both the Spanish and Portuguese people as it is considered the most effective way to guarantee the strength of Iberia into the far future. Especially with strong powers rising all over the world.

The two acts are fundamentally the same pieces of legislation, they formally merge the Crowns of Spain and Portugal into the Crown of Iberia, making Queen Alba the Empress of Iberia, Queen of Spain and Portugal, and Lady Protector of Morocco. The Assembleia do Reino will retain home rule over Portugal and consist of only Portuguese seats while the Cortes Generales will be expanded with Portuguese and Moroccan districts, and become the legislature of the Empire of Iberia and formally renamed to the Cortes Generales/Cortes Gerais to reflect both the national languages of Iberia.

As part of Home Rule, the Assembleia do Reino will maintain exclusive powers in many areas including the economy, education, policing, justice, social services, healthcare, and taxation. The primary reserved powers by the Cortes Generales/Cortes Gerais are in fields such as foreign affairs, defence, monetary policy, citizenship and nationality, and national security.

Both the Cortes Generales and Assembleia do Reino will vote on the proposed bills this friday. Once both bills have been passed and formally signed by Queen Alba, the Empire of Iberia will formally be proclaimed.