Imperial Government Taken By Surprise By French Announcement

by | Sep 27, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Athens – Earlier this week the Kingdom of France formally announced that it has withdrawn its recognition of Algeria as an independent state and intends to restore colonial rule over the former French territory. While the Imperial Palace and Ministry of Foreign Affairs have publicly expressed no comment, according to sources inside the palace the Empress and her government were taken by surprise by the new Athenian ally.

Algeria obtained its independence in a long drawn out war in 1962, ever since it has been ruled as an indpendent state in North Africa. The conflict saw war crimes committed by both sides and after the victory an ethnic cleansing by Algerian authorities of European and European-descended populations. A popular motto at the time was “a suitcase or a coffin”, threatening those who didn’t flee with death.

Recognizing independence was a highly unpopular move inside France as well with an attempted coup by the French military early on in the war leading to the fall of the Fourth Republic.

Ever since the end of the war relations between Algeria and France have remained tense and no proper amends have been made over the colonial history or the crimes committed by either side.

While it is unclear how committed Queen Jeanne is to her goal of conquering Algeria, however she has already mobilized the French military and has so far never bluffed when it comes to military engagements. Existing treaties do not obligate the Athenian Federation to support France if it goes to war, however the Imperial Government is unlikely to risk the vital alliance so early after signing it by supporting a North African state with which Athens has no formal relations against a European ally.