Akita Group Formalizes Takeover

by | Sep 27, 2022 | In Character, News | 0 comments

Edo – The Akita Group has secured Ocean Network Express, officially merging it with Akita Express Shipping. With the acquisition of ONE, AES has finally absorbed all other major ocean shippers within Japan. While the Akita Group had bought out ONE years ago, the government had stood in the way of an official merger until recently, stepping aside with the election of Akita Kitsuno as Sosai. Many people believe that the reason for allowing the merger is that with the head of the Akitas as Sosai, the government looks more favorably upon the Zaibatsu. Whatever the case, the Akita Group is now officially the only shipper based in Nihon.

In other news Serene Nihon International has announced the launch of their largest cruise ship yet. Fujisan is the most ambitious cruise ship of the modern era with state of the art amenities, including waterslides and a VR skydiving experience. Fujisan was built in the Ezo Shipyard, which like Serene Nihon is owned by the Akita Group. In addition Ezo Shipyards won the contract for the building of the next flagship of the Republican Navy, the Nobunaga. Criticisms were leveled in the media against the decision by the Ministry of Defense due to the the Akita Group’s ownership of the Ezo Shipyards, however the MoD responded claiming that Ezo Shipyards offered the most competitive prices and had the most experience building large ships, being the main shipyard of Serene Nihon. The future of the shipping industry is in the hands of the Akita.