Queen Jeanne Declares Algeria an Illegal State, Announces Intent to Invade

by | Sep 25, 2022 | News | 0 comments

In a publicly broadcasted statement to the Lords and Ladies Paramount of the Realm, Queen Jeanne has announced that the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria is an illegal state that obtained its independence by bribery and deception. In the same statement she has said that the Kingdom of France will rectify this historic crime and return Algeria to the warm and caring embrace of France where it always belonged.

The announcement comes a year after France’s latest military encounter against Germany and months after signing a military treaty with the Athenian Federation and becoming an observer of the Byzantine League. As many predicted, with her flank secure the Queen now sees room to restore the historic glory of France beyond Europe. One of the first colonies after the fall of Napoleon, Algeria has a very important place in French history and is generally considered the first step in a colonial empire.

Defying those who might call the Queen’s statements bluff, she has ordered the mobilization of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces and has called her banners in the Lords and Ladies Paramount to Royal service. With this full mobilization of French forces it is clear they are going to strike somewhere, and Algeria remains the most likely candidate.