Akita Kitsuno Elected with First Unanimous Vote

by | Sep 22, 2022 | In Character, News | 0 comments

Edo – For the first time in Nihon’s history there is unanimous support among the domains about who should be elected Sosai. Akita Kitsuno has dominated the opposition and will serve as Nihon’s youngest Sosai in history, taking office at the age of 30. Her victories do not stop there, while her party, the Northern Alliance, did not achieve a majority, they formed a coalition government with the Christain Republican Union. With the two parties controlling 60% of both Houses of the National Congress Kitsuno is likely to see her policies pass comfortably.

So what are the policies of the youngest Sosai? Many citizens asked this question on election day, as little is known about the new Sosai. Having grown up in the North many feared that she would be out of touch with the mordern day. However her declared policies at her acceptance speech indicate a knowledge and willpower Nihon has not seen in a Sosai in centuries.

With the increased violence in Europe and the Middle East in recent history she announced her intent to expand the military, stating that the current state of world affairs necessitates a strong armed force to defend Nihon. She called upon the Daimyos to support the movement and equip their forces with the most modern equipment. Additionally she spoke about the need for more dialogue with foreign powers, while Nihon has not been isolationist, she warned that it seemed as though the previous governments were going the way of the Shogunate and forgetting what made Nihon strong.

Her speech was well received and the stock markets have risen since her election. However her approval rating is middling as few people know what to expect from such a young leader. Only time will tell, but for now it appears as though Nihon is back on the right track.