Iberian Union to Restrict Unannounced Military Transit Through Strait of Gibraltar

by | Mar 21, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Madrid – Citing the need for greater security precautions now that the Athenian Federation is at war and the Byzantine League will soon be as well, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that going forward all military vessels intending to travel to the Strait of Gibraltar must have had their naval routes announced to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at least 24 hours prior. Exemptions will be allowed in cases of emergency.

In the memo, sent to all embassies in Madrid, the Minister of Foreign Affairs clarifies that the war in the Middle East has brought about an immediate security threat and that to protect Iberian and allied territory from enemy attacks it must act to secure the entry into the Mediterranean Sea. Iberian ships and submarines will be stationed in and near the Strait to intercept any unknown military vessel. The memo was insistent that it is not an approval system and that the Iberian Union will not act against any vessel properly announced that is not currently considered a hostile or enemy power.

All non-military vessels are not affected by this policy and can continue to transit under regular procedures.