Queen’s Army Welcomed Home as Heroes

by | Mar 21, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Paris – Following the end of the occupation of Germany, the Queen’s Army has returned home and its members have been welcomed back as heroes in a formal parade. The Queen’s Army was deployed against Germany to support the Athenian Federation and Poland in their war against the National Socialist regime in Berlin.

The Queen’s Army performance in the war has more than exceeded expectation as within weeks after the French incursion the nazis collapsed entirely and surrendered to the allied forces. “While France obviously did not fight alone, it is likely that the appearance of our heroes killed all hope the Germans had of being able to win the war” the Lord Paramount of Brittany and the Queen’s Master of War on the Queen’s Council commented when asked about the speed of the operation.

After the surrender of the Germans; French, Athenian and Polish forces stayed behind to stabilize the country and to hunt down all those responsible for the atrocities of the nazi regime. As the country is now considered stable and more importantly sufficiently purified of fascism, the Queen had decided to withdraw all forces back to the previous borders. “The invasion of Germany was always about dealing with a regime responsible for crimes against humanity and one that brought war back to continental Europe. There was no interest in expanding our territory into German lands or to install a government of our own choosing. If however the Germans ever repeat their mistake they can be sure that the Queen’s Army is ready to return as well.” the Lord Paramount of Brittany also said in the same press conference.

Now that peace has been re-established the Queen’s Army will return to its peacetime state. The soldiers called into the Queen’s Service from the Lords and Ladies of France will be returned to their lieges. All other forces will be stationed at the country’s international borders and within the Queen’s own lands. All of this will happen after their parade and the hero’s welcome the people of Paris certainly have in store for them.