Athenian Defence Companies Merge, Establish New Research Campus

by | Mar 20, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Athenian – In the largest corporate merger in the history of the Athenian Federation, various Athenian defence companies have merged to form the new conglomerate Eurasia Group. Using a similar model as the Airbus Group, the original companies will still generally operate independently but where possible overlap will be eliminated and projects will be designed to complement each other. Among the large list of companies are famous and long-standing ones such as the Hellenic Aerospace Industry, Kraljevica Shipyard, Baykar, Hellenic Defence Industry and Pyrkal but also newer companies such as the Olympus Ship Yards.

While the government normally encourages competition in various economic sectors, the Ministries of Defence and Economic Development have extensively encouraged the merger in this case as it is believed to significantly expand the Athenian capability to innovate and compete with potential rivals on the world stage. As incentive the Ministry of Defence has committed to a five-year exclusivity agreement with the Eurasia Group where any new project will first be attempted by them before bidding is opened internationally.

Athena Institute of Advanced Technology

Part of the residential area of the campus, zoomed in from the image in the header.

The first concrete result of the new cooperation has already appeared in the form of the Athena Institute of Advanced Technology. This city-sized campus just outside of Zagreb in the Republic of Yugoslavia will be the largest campus in the world and is focused exclusively on research projects for the Eurasia Group. By providing state of the art infrastructure and amenities, Eurasia Group is hoping to attract the world’s greatest talent in all fields.

The Hellenic Forces will soon be able to assess whether its investment was well spent as the project initially started by the Hellenic Aerospace Industry to produce an unmanned escort vehicle for the F-22 and F-35 fighters is approaching completion and is planned to be introduced into service in the next few weeks where it could already see service in Iraq.