March 2022 Novos Mundos Update

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As Novos Mundos proceeds in its development new systems are regularly added and existing ones refined. Since the start of the RP it has always been the goal to provide a system to not just offer freedom in creative storytelling but also offer freedom in the technology employed by each writer without placing themselves at a significant disadvantage for deviating from the meta. As part of this I present the March 2022 Update. This update will add chemical weapons, minefields and the first stage of a custom technology system. Pages for each of these systems will be created during the weekend and where needed the rules will be modified.

Chemical Weapons

So far weapons of mass destruction in Novos Mundos have been restricted to nuclear weapons and these are locked behind a drawn out and luck based development system. Recently members have come forward and requested Chemical weapons to be added as a more easily accessible and lower damage weapon of mass destruction. After discussing the matter the Staff has developed the following system.

  1. All countries will have access to chemical weapons.
  2. Chemical weapons are divided into four categories, these categories are based on actual generations as defined by the relevant institutions from real life (see image below for reference).
  3. The amount of chemical weapons per point will be measured in tonnage. We have used real-life stockpiles within certain nations as a benchmark to decide on the amounts.

The amount of chemical weapons per point for each generation are as follow:

  1. Each point will give you 16 tons of gen 1 chemical weapons.
  2. Each point will give you 8 tons of gen 2 chemical weapons.
  3. Each point will give you 4 tons of gen 3 chemical weapons.
  4. Each point will give you 2 tons of gen 4 chemical weapons.

All delivery vehicles for chemical weapons must exist in real life. Chemical weapon delivery platforms are excluded from the custom technology system. As such you can not develop alternate delivery platforms for them that do not exist in real life.

The Staff also once again emphasizes that we will never introduce biological weapons into the roleplay. The completely uncontrollable nature of these weapons and the gamebreaking nature going far beyond even nuclear weapons means there is no way to ever introduce them reliably.


Within the current system mines do not fit in any category on the points sheet, this either resulted in the vague scenario where either no one could buy mines or mines were completely free. One of these denies writers a large range of tactics for war and the other opens up a completely gamebreaking loophole. As such mines will now get their own categories in the system. We distinguish between land mines of all types and naval mines of all types. Rather than definind a cost per mine we are instead basing the price off of the area the deployed mines cover.

  1. Land Mines: 1 point will give you 10 km2 of land mines
  2. Naval Mines: 1 point will give you 5km2 of naval mines.

As so far no one has used mines in the story yet, there is no need to retcon any existing rp or grandfather in existing fields. In the future all use of mines will need to be based on these points categories.

Custom Technology System Stage 1

The freedom to develop your own technology is an important part of many nation RP’s, Novos Mundos is no different. While space due to its separation from regular warfare and futuristic background was already fully open to custom developments, the same cannot be said for warfare on Earth. As such we will be introducing a system that allows individual writers to develop custom technologies within the technological means of the era. This system will consist of two stages. The first stage which is introduced now will allow you to take projects that exist in real life (cancelled projects, prototypes, advanced concepts, almost everything that is not already in production as is expected to be or could have been in service by 2035) and finish them. Stage two will expand this by letting you research completely custom designs that could feasibly be possible with the technology available within the next decade.

All custom technology is subject to the following rules.

  • Custom technology is owned by the nation(s) that develop it. While other nations can buy products or license production from the original developers, they cannot just build custom technology like one can create real-life in service technology.
  • When you reroll to a new nation, you lose access to the technology you researched and will need to research it again.
  • Each research & development project will be reviewed by a Staff member. Only after they approve it can the technology be used in the roleplay.

For both stages of research your nation will need a research centre. You are however also allowed to combine resources from multiple nations and construct a research centre together. You can also pool resources for individual projects, in which case the resulting design is owned by all nations that took part in its development (defined as investing points). A research centre can be upgraded four times, each new level will reduce the cost of projects (and in stage two also reduce the time completely custom projects take) by 5%. So if the base cost of a project is 10 points, a level 5 research centre will take off 20%, or 2 points.

  1. The base (level 1) research centre costs 20 points.
  2. The level 2 upgrade costs 30 points
  3. The level 3 upgrade costs 40 points.
  4. The level 4 upgrade costs 50 points.
  5. The level 5 upgrade costs 60 points.

A fully upgraded level 5 research centre will cost 200 points to construct from scratch.

Depending on the kind of technology you are developing, the cost of each project varies. The categories chosen for R&D have overlap with the points categories but aren’t exactly the same. We have kept them the same as much as possible.

  • Ground equipment (guns, armour, etc.): 20 points
  • Armoured Vehicles (not including self-propelled artillery or anti-air): 30 points
  • Anti-Air: 30 points
  • Artillery (not including missiles): 25 points Missiles: 35 points
  • Fixed-Wing Aircraft (Light) (Fighters, tactical bombers, fighter-sized U(C)AVs, etc.): 40 points
  • Fixed-Wing Aircraft (Heavy) (Strategic bombers, AWACS, etc.): 50 points
  • Helicopters: 30 points
  • Unmanned Aircraft (Below fighter-sized): 35 points
  • Surface ships up to 15,000t: 60 points
  • Surface ships above 15,000t: 75 points
  • Amphibious Assault Ship/Aircraft Carrier up to 50,000t: 90 points
  • Amphibious Assault Ship/Aircraft Carrier over 50,000t: 100 points
  • Attack Submarines: 75 Points
  • Ballistic/Guided Missile Submarines: 90 Points


Under the current system if you want to upgrade a piece of technology, you need to spend the full price of the full unit and the old one is basically obsolete. To align closer to the reality, upgrades to a newer version of the same platform (for example an F-16C/D to an F-16V, an M1A1 to an M1A2, a Leopard 2A6 to a Leopard 2A7, etc.) will only cost 10% of the regular purchase. So if you were to upgrade a fleet of 700 F-16Cs to F-16Vs instead of spending 10 points you only would need to spend 1 point.


The Staff hopes that you will enjoy all these new changes to the system. As we understand that these new categories and the research system may have meant different buying choices had you known of them beforehand, all players have been granted an additional 30 points to use freely.

Depending on how stage 1 of the custom technology/R&D system goes, stage 2 may be introduced within the next two months. We will at that same time also be introducing a system to more properly consider the logistics of war (in a way that does not add unreasonable complexity).

If you have any feedback or suggestions please do not hesitate to mention them on Discord or to reach out to a member of the Staff.