Princess Elena Amalia Arrives in Athens, Summoned to Imperial Palace

by | Mar 15, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Athens – Following an unannounced flight from Aegea to Athens, sources inside the Imperial Palace have revealed that Princess Elena Amalia, the sister of the Empress and Crown Princess of the Queendom of Macedon, had been summoned to the Imperial Palace for a matter of extreme importance.

Following the elevation of the Empress to her current throne, the Princess has taken on increasing duties within the Queendom of Macedon and many believe the Empress is grooming her sister to take the crown of Macedon in the future so that she may focus exclusively on the governance of the Athenian Federation. After the death of their parents in 2372 both sisters have always been incredibly close and after her regency ended the Empress has often consulted the Princess for advice.

Princess Elena Amalia recently completed a Ph D in International Relations at the Pallas Athena Universiy for Social Sciences and the Humanities and is a renowned diplomat. This makes it most likely that the Empress has summoned her for a high profile diplomatic mission. For the Athenian Federation to send someone who in importance is only exceeded by the Chief Magistrate and the Empress herself means it most likely concerns a major power with which the Athenian Federation is in an advanced state of dialogue. The most likely candidates would be one or more of the Byzantine League member states or Poland. Regardless of the reason for her arrival, the Imperial Palace remains very silent on the topic. When asked they have only confirmed that the Princess is in Athens but declined to answer any question related to the reason for the visit or if she has in fact been summoned by the Empress in the first place.