Queen Alba Orders Iberian Navy to Expand Significantly

by | Mar 12, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Madrid – Citing the realities of the modern world and Iberia’s history as a naval superpower, Queen Alba has ordered the Iberian Navy to commence a massive program of expansion. The new program would see it add as much as 10 supercarriers, dozens of Cruisers, and over 100 Destroyers, Frigates and Submarines. It would almost certainly turn the Iberian Union into the largest naval power in the world.

“The seas have always been the lifeblood of our lands. Whether it was Spain or Portugal, it was the oceans that truly brought us greatness. At the same time we are faced with the challenges of the modern world; genocidal maniacs, tyrants oppressing their own people, the list goes on. To meet these challenges it is important to be able to be everywhere on the world at the same time. This program will allow Iberia just such an ability and together with our allies in the Byzantine League it will secure our position in this world.” Queen Alba said to the press as she was announcing the program.

Funding for the expansion is likely to hurt the budget for the Iberian Army the most and the Iberian Air Force to a lesser extent as the Iberian Space Force was already made a high priority service earlier this month by the Queen. As a result it has led to disgruntlement among the Iberian Army General Staff.