Principality of Malta Formally Enters the Athenian Federation

by | Mar 10, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Valetta – Following completion of the pacification of the islands, the former Republic of Malta has today been admitted into the Athenian Federation as the Principality of Malta. It joins the other parts of the Federation as a full member. With the formal admission the military governorship has come to an end and the state of emergency on the islands has been lifted.

Integration could occur swiftly as the wealthy Marchesi family personally sponsored extensive efforts. The Marchesi family are well known for their patronage of the Athens art scene and have earned most of their fortune by investing into the Macedonian arms manufacturers that supplied the Royal Army as it unified the Athenian Federation. As natives of Malta who moved to the Kingdom of Macedon in 2045, the fate of their ancestral home has always been a matter of great care to them. It is also believed that they were a strong advocate for the liberation of the island by Athenian forces. As recognition for their service to the people of Malta, the Empress has appointed the Matriarch of the family as the Princess of Malta. Princess Nora Natalia Marchesi will take residence in The Palace in Valetta and hand over her position as CEO of Marchesi Holdings to her sister Santina Annunziata. The Empress has also issued a decree granting nobility to the Marchesi family and formally establishing the House of Marchesi. This grants the family noble status throughout the Federation and not just inside their Principality.

Princess Nora Natalia Marchesi is well known in the art and business sectors.

In her first public appearance since the elevation, the Princess has thanked the Empress and Parliament of the Athenian Federation for their fate in her abilities and the admission of Malta into the Federation. Now that the new constitution of Malta has been approved she has also announced that elections for the Senate and Assembly of the People of Malta will both be held within two months. Both chambers of the Maltese Parliament use the same system as the Athenian Federation does.

Former members of the Maltese armed forces will be offered the ability to join either the Hellenic Forces or the Serene Guard (the armed forces granted to the Princess with a similar status to the Peshmerga in the People’s Republic of Kurdistan). Some members of the Assembly of the People of the Athenian Federation have however expressed worry about the Principality of Malta maintaining its own armed force undermining the supremacy of the Imperial government and that it might push other members of the Athenian Federation to also seek their own regional military.

While there exists some resentment about the military actions undertaken to liberate Malta, the population is generally happy to see stability finally return to their nation and for crime and terrorism to finally be defeated. Opinion polling showed as many as 80% of the population approved of the new Princess and that 72% supported joining the Athenian Federation. This was a vital element for the Parliament of the Athenian Federation to agree to the admission.