Opposition Linked to Foreign Donors

by | Mar 8, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Stanley – Documents linking several top members of the opposition to international donors have leaked. These documents have revealed that several members have been receiving money from foreign actors. This has collapsed support for the opposition leadership and the Parliament has demanded that the Shogun launch an investigation into the opposition. A spokesperson for the Shogun stated that she is extremely disappointed in the opposition and will authorize Parliament to launch an extensive investigation into corruption. While we reached out to Tenkogo Vikutoria, we have not received a reply.

Fair Winds – Protests descended upon Fair Winds, demanding an increase in social welfare spending. The crowds marched in front of the Parliament building and could be heard from inside. While the Shogunate Police were out in force, they did not interfere with the protests. Several people were arrested attempting to initiate violence with bystanders as well as several counter protesters. Some of the protesters were also demanding a decrease in military spending, saying that there is no current threat to Falklandia.