New Imperial Citizenship Law to Significantly Extend Number of Citizens

by | Feb 23, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Athens – After extensive negotiations between political parties and with the regions, the Parliament of the Athenian Federation is finally ready to pass a new Imperial Citizenship Law. Imperial Citizenship is highly valued as it grants the right amongst others to establish themselves anywhere within the Athenian Federation, unlike regional citizenship where migration is restricted based on individual agreements between the regions.

Under the existing law Imperial Citizenship is restricted to citizens who resided in Athens or Byzantion at the moment of formation of the Athenian Federation or upon the admission of any new territory as Imperial domains. Additionally the Empress was empowered to grant Imperial Citizenship to particularly meritorous individuals. The law encountered many opponents who reject the establishment of different grades of Athenian citizens and others who argue that such divisions will prevent the formation of a true Athenian identity. While initial proposals would provide for a far-reaching reformation, including the granting of Imperial Citizenship to all those born in one of the territories of the Athenian Federation, these proposals encountered their own resistance from within the region. Regional governments feel that such a change would diminish the cultural distinctiveness of the regions and lead to eventual disappearance of the cultures. More sinisterly, it is also believed that regional elites fear that opening up transmigration will negatively affect the available labour pools in those regions with lower wages and poorer labour conditions.

The two sides did eventually manage to reach a compromise where in addition to the existing laws, individuals who have at least one parent or grandparent with Imperial citizenship are automatically eligible. Citizens born on any vessel flying the Athenian flag or on any object belonging to the Imperial government, including all space assets, will automatically become Imperial Citizens. Additionally citizens who have served in the Hellenic Forces for at least five years or have done comparable service in the public interest will also be eligible to receive citizenships. Finally any citizen who becomes a registered partner of an Imperial citizen will also be eligible for Imperial Citizenship after five years.

A separate method of citizenship acquisition will be that after three generations anyone who was not eligible for Imperial Citizenship through any other category will also automatically become citizen on birth.

Proponents of the law believe that in the longterm this will allow everyone to obtain Imperial Citizenship within a few generations while at the same time avoiding the negative effect of such a massive and sudden change. The law will also allow for the easier integration of any future members of the Athenian Federation.