Opposition Supports Defense Bill, Insurgents Arrested, and More

by | Jun 10, 2021 | In Character, News | 0 comments

Stanley – Shogun Nova Knight’s Defense Bill was meet with unanimous support. While normally the opposition parties oppose increases in government spending, they all voiced their support for the Bill. The Bill calls for an increase in the size of both the Navy and Air Force as the first line of defense against foreign invasion. In addition the Bill increases funding for military academies throughout Falklandia.

When asked why they supported the new Bill opposition leaders said that unlike previous proposals the Bill was rooted in reality. They claim that the naval forces have been neglected by the budget for too long. Military commanders also expressed their support. With the wide support the bill is expected to pass Parliament near unanimously.

In other news National Police forces arrested Pedro Lorenzo today, charging him under the Insurgency Act. While the Insurgency has been crushed there is still some minor support for them in the fringe groups. Police raided his apartment today, finding evidence linking the insurgents to some of the extreme parties in the nation. The parties deny their involvement, claiming that the evidence was fabricated by the National Police.

Whether or not this is true, support for the parties fell in the last polls, and they are expected to lose seats in the next election. Support for the Shogun however has hit an all time high of 85%. She is expected to tour the state in the upcoming months, ending back in Stanley for the Foundation Day speech. She is expected to speak at many universities throughout the nation, as well as tour several army bases. Keep following Penguin News for regular updates, including speaking dates and locations.