In Support of Athenian Empress, Queen Alba Takes Social Media Trend to Iberia

by | Mar 26, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Madrid – While not the first use of the #NotYourCall hashtag in the Iberian Union, the picture posted on the Queen’s official profile almost certainly raised some eyebrows. Showing a privately taken picture of Queen Alba on a Portuguese beach, the Queen has made a very public statement of support for her new ally and, according to reports, close friend Empress Athanasia of the Athenian Federation.

The Athenian Empress recently came under fire after pictures leaked showing her posing on various beaches while she was taking a leave of absence to mourn her recently deceased husband. While sentiment initially seemed to be against the Empress, momentum turned swiftly and instead the anger has been directed at the press and politicians that sought to take advantage of the situation.

While Queen Alba did not make a formal statement to the press, the message attached to her post has clarified her intent. “Once again the patriarchy seeks to break down a strong and powerful woman because she happens to look nice. The misogyny must end. @Athanasia is a great friend and even greater ruler. Anyone who dares to claim she would rather party than take care of her people has never met her or is looking for political gain. In the process they are not only attacking the Empress, but all women. It seeks to send a message that you cannot be both powerful and pretty, because that is too dangerous for the men in charge. I stand with you. #NotYourCall”.

Conservative parties in all three territories have responded with anger to the act by the Queen, however the left leaning coalitions in Spain and Portugal have instead stated their support for the Queen’s message. Initial polling also shows wide support in Portugal (85%) and Spain (74%), with only 33% in the more conservative and Islamic Morocco.