Empress Athanasia Announces Return

by | Mar 26, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Athens – In an exclusive interview, Empress Athanasia has announced that she will be returning to her role as Empress of the Athenian Federation and will slowly transition back into her role. Initially focusing on the highest priority topics and eventually fully resuming her duties.

The interview was not previously announced and comes in the wake of the scandal and the response to it following the Impact and the loss of her husband Emperor Consort Giorgos. In it she revealed that she needed to be away from Athens and politics in general so she could fully focus on her own mental wellbeing. Regarding the pictures leaked she told these were very few happy moments in two weeks largely filled with crying and depression. She went on to state that she does not know who leaked the images but she does know that said person purely did it to damage her and help her political rivals.

The Empress went on to thank the people and prominent figures that came out in support of her and said that their messages of support made the decision to return earlier than planned an easy one to make.

Beyond the personal, the Empress also looked forward on immediate goals now that the German situation has ended and Malta has been placed under Athenian control. “The Kurdish people have long been loyal and committed members of the Athenian Federation. The way Iraq and Iran are treating them are unacceptable. I fully support the decisions of my government in my absence and if we do not see a noticeable change in the next weeks and months we will intervene” The Empress stated regarding foreign policy. When questioned if yet another military intervention could send an image to the world of an Athenian bloodlust the Empress responded that “If defending innocent people from oppressive governments is bloodlust, then we may as well have it. I became Empress to make this world a better place. The Athenian Federation was created to bring peace and freedom to all the peoples under it. Not providing that to other people would be the real crime”.