Poland applies political and economic pressure on Iraq.

by | Mar 26, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Following rising concerns over the treatment of Kurdish citizens in Iraq, Poland is echoing pressure from Athens onto the nation of Iraq. Secretary of State Natalia Blakzin commented that, “the Iraqi government is causing an humanitarian crisis that could affect the region and harm civilians in its own nation. The Confederacy and her member states will not tolerate such outrage and Congress is currently discussing economic sanctions.”

Several members of Congress have muttered that Confederate troops could be sent to support Athenian forces if Iraq steps out of line, the surge of Kurdish support is a sudden and surprising move out of Poland following the recent war with Germany. Several Polish media companies are also pledging support to the Kurdish people in Iraq and some humanitarian groups have requested to enter Kurdistan to assist refugees that might flee Iraq.

Secretary of State Natalia Blakzin sent a clear message to the Iraq government that Athens would not be alone in enforcing international law if further violations were committed.