UAPR Conducts First Nuclear Test

by | Mar 23, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Maseru— In the wake of the Secretary-General’s national address, the People’s Atomic Energy Council has released an unexpected statement announcing that the Union has detonated its first nuclear device. 

The explosion took place early morning on the Skeleton Coast Testing Grounds, and is the culmination of a three month long crash program in the wake of similar weapons being deployed by European powers, and built off decades of extensive civilian nuclear efforts in the Union. Sources within the government have suggested that the test was originally intended to take place before the Secretary-General’s speech regarding the extraterrestrial crisis, however, logistical complications and the pressing need to address the threat caused it to be delayed to the next day. As such, no formal statements have been made regarding the nation’s future nuclear policy and posture, even as images of the explosion spread across social media. However, a spokesperson for the PAEC confirmed that the military with be further developing and deploying the new weapons, and an announcement from the People’s Space Defense Force confirmed that it has not ruled out deploying the weapons in space at some point in the future in order to better counter the alien threat.

“The detonation which we have conducted is a testament to our capabilities and a statement of our will to protect the People and the Revolution,” Chief of Space Operations General Motsumi Neo said in a brief press conference following the test, “This test is the first step in ensuring that our security and prosperity shall never again be jeopardized by any imperial power, be they from Earth or the stars.”