As War Against Germany Ends, Athens Recognizes True Friends

by | Mar 23, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Athens – With Germany militarily defeated and the second stage of the conflict well underway, the Athenian Federation is taking the respite to recognize individuals who played a fundamental role. To honour their contribution each individual is inducted in the Order of the Phoenix, the highest Athenian order and the second highest honour overall. The awards recognize Her Imperial Majesty the Empress of the Athenian Federation, as well as the President of Poland and the Queen of France for fighting to free Athenian citizens and bring an end to the tyranny of Chancellor Schmidt.

Empress Athanasia has been granted the Order of the Phoenix Grand Cross, President Vizmir Duda has been granted the Order of the Phoenix Grand Commander and likewise Queen Jeanne of France has also been graned the Order of the Phoenix Grand Commander. The President and the Queen are the first foreigners to be granted this honour in one hundred years.

In an elaboration on the decision, the Office of the Chief Magistrated stated that “Poland and France acted with courage and resolve to aid the citizens of the Athenian Federation at a time they did not need to. Their swift action and committed contributions have almost certainly prevented further tragedy from befalling the Athenian citizens trapped in Germany and have brought about a quick end to the German regime. The Athenian state and her people will forever be grateful for the contributions of these two states. And their leaders will forever have a home in Athens.”. Beyond granting a pension, foreign recipients of the Order of the Phoenix also automatically obtain the right to Athenian citizenship should they ever request it.