War Criminal Rudolf Schmidt Arrested, Will Not Be Extradited to ICC

by | Mar 22, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Athens – Following an extraordinary rendition by the Kingdom of France, former Chancellor of the Greater German Empire Rudolf Schmidt has been placed under arrest by the Imperial Police Service. The Magistrate of Justice, Viktoria Demetriou, has announced tha she has rejected the International Criminal Court’s request to extradite the German to stand trial for crimes against humanity and war crimes in The Hague. Instead he will be prosecuted by the Imperial Prosecutor for the Imperial City of Athens on charges of genocide, mass murder, war crimes and possible additional offences. The charge of genocide and mass murder are two of only four remaining crimes in the Athenian Federation punishable by death.

Mister Schmidt was detained by French forces in French-Occupied Germany after attempting to cross into Switzerland to flee the arrest warrant issued by the Athenian Federation. After being processed by the Kingdom of France, he was rapidly transported to Athens where the Imperial Police took him into custody. He is currently being held at an undisclosed maximum security prison. The location is being held a secret for the security of the facility and to avoid escape attempts. The Ministries of General Affairs, Foreign Affairs and Justice have sent a formal thank you to the Kingdom of France for their cooperation and swift extradition of the man held responsible for the murder of Athenian citizens.

Almost immediattely after rumours reached the International Criminal Court a formal request was issued to the Athenian Federation for his extradition. The ICC was formed in the wake of World War 2 to prosecute crimes like the one Schmidt is held responsible for. In her refusal, the Magistrate of Justice motivated the decision by pointing out that the ICC was formed to provide justice to victims who had no recourse in their own justice system as those were often dominated by the very people held responsible. As the primary victims of the crimes were Athenians and due to the Athenian Federation having a functional independent judiciary this situation does not apply. Prosecution within the Athenian Federation became possible only recently after Parliament passed a law establishing that crimes committed by and/or against Athenian citizens abroad can be prosecuted within the Athenian Federation. This has extended jurisdiction sufficiently to enable prosecution. The Imperial Prosecutor’s Office in Athens has already stated that due to the nature of the crimes and to provide rue justice to all victims, they will be seeking the death penalty.

The trial against Rudolf Schmidt will be only the first of many as the Imperial Intelligence Community has been hard at work identifying all individuals responsible for the crimes. Arrest warrants have been issued against all and any found within the Athenian zones of occupation will be arrested by the Hellenic Army. If individuals are found in the French or Polish zones, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will request their extradition and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also stated that any peace agreement with Germany must provide for ongoing cooperation to bring all persons responsible to justice.