Constitutional Crisis Avoided; Prime Minister Mendoza Fired & Arrested

by | Mar 22, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Madrid – In an almost certainly eventful secret summit in Portugal, Queen Alba has successfully avoided a constitutional crisis regarding recent proposed laws. The summit saw Prime Minister Mendoza removed from her Office and arrested for violating the Lèse-majesté laws by insulting the Queen. In her place the former Deputy Prime Minister Ileana Fontana has been appointed as Prime Minister of Spain.

The new Prime Minister has been tasked with overseeing the implementation of two laws through the Cortes Generales. The first of these laws is the earlier postponed Military Union Law which provides for the creating of the Royal Armed Forces on the Union-level. The Kingdom of Portugal has already approved a similar law. The second law is the Measures for the Protection of Iberian Sovereignty Law, which has taken the place of the earlier Gibraltar Liberation Law. This new proposal implements a set of measures to compel the United Kingdom to return to the negotiating table and return Gibraltar to Spanish rule. The first of the measures is a ban on all British military ships, aircraft and other vehicles within Spanish and Moroccan territory. This also has the effect that British military vessels can no longer travel through the Strait of Gibraltar, due to this passage falling completely within Spanish and Moroccan territorial waters. The second measure is that all passenger flights to and from Gibraltar will be banned from Spanish and Moroccan airspace, only cargo flights will still be allowed passage through said airspace. The final measure is an import and export ban on all weapons and dual-use technologies to Gibraltar, this applies to all civilian ships, boats, vehicles and aircraft traveling through Spanish or Moroccan territory, waters or airspace. Compared to the previous proposal, this law still imposes heavy restrictions on Gibraltar and will serve as somewhat of a blockade but with civilian goods allowed free passage and no all out travel ban or ban on further diplomatic talks it is not the full blockade that the Spanish initially wanted. The Royal Palace has announced that the Queen will sign both laws after they are passed.

Many analysts agree that this is a major victory for Queen Alba and that it has shown that real power in the Iberian Union lies with the crown. While it is not expected that former Prime Minister Mendoza will be prosecuted for her crime, if for nothing else than to avoid extending the scandal, her political capital has been all but annihilated and the rebellious nature of the Cortes Generales has been surpressed by the Queen.