March 2100 Report + Point Rolls + Early Nuke Rolls

by | Mar 21, 2021 | Announcements | 0 comments

As another two weeks go by so does March 2100 come to a conclusion. The last month has been eventful to be sure. Most prominently of course the start of our Alien discovery event chain at, but there has been plenty to do beyond official events. Sentinel and Mista Puddin have run an incredibly interesting diplomatic RP on the status of Gibraltar at while the first formations of political factions have started with the Byzantion Conference involving Sentinel, Caterina, King David and Alexander that resulted in the formation of the Byzantine League at and a North European conference between Greywall, Aesir, Alxeu and Moth at Finally I’d like to put a spotlight on Thorbecke whose new five year plan is bound to make the world interesting at

All in all, April 2100 and beyond are set to be great fun.

Point Rolls

Athenian Federation: 5
Singapore: No points, inactivity
Union of African People’s Republics: 5
Kingdom of Finland: 3
Kingdom of France: 5
Polish Commonwealth: 4
Kingdom of Italy: 4
People’s Republic of the Netherlands: 3
American Commonwealth: 4
Republic of China: 4
Federation of Israel: 2
Greater German Empire: 3
Free Android Republic: 5
New Union of Soviet Socialist Republics: 2
Tsardom of Russia: No points, inactivity
United Kingdom: 1
Iberian Union: 5

Nuclear Rolls

As I will not be present her on April 1, the nuclear rolls have been pulled forward. For next month the rolls will again be on May 1st.

  1. Union of African People’s Republics. Roll: 99. Nuclear Weapons Project is a success
  2. People’s Republic of the Netherlands. Roll: 93. Nuclear Weapons Project is a success.
  3. Kingdom of France. Roll: 95. Nuclear Weapons Project is a success.
  4. Iberian Union. Roll: 100. Nuclear Weapons Project is a success.