President van Luxemburg Appoints Former Mentor as Prime Minister, Pledges Policy of Neutrality

by | Feb 19, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Mere hours after the signing of the comprehensive constitutional reform that replaced the monarchy with a Republic and has fundamentally changed all layers of Dutch governance, President van Luxemburg has appointed Professor Max Dercksen as her Prime Minister and ordered him to assemble a cabinet. Professor Dercksen enjoys tenure at the University of Amsterdam in the field of political science and is generally considered the most influential person on the President’s ideology.

In the press conference following the announcement, the President has also stated her perspective on foreign policy. In it she said that the Dutch people will no longer bleed for the interests of international capitalism and that any wars involving Dutch forces will be to liberate the people of the world from the shackles of wage slavery and inequality. When asked specifically about the neighbours of the Netherlands, the President said that she does not hold grudges against any power and will welcome economic cooperation where possible and if not detrimental to the Dutch workers. She has however specifically ruled out relations with the current German administration due to its far right nature.