Emperor Consort Giorgos Among Dead, Empress Under Medical Supervision

by | Mar 21, 2021 | News | 1 comment

Athens – Minutes ago the Imperial Palace released an announcement stating that at the time of the Impact, Emperor Consort Giorgos was within the impact zone and as such has been added to the list of dead as a result of the event. It is unclear why His Majesty was in the area at the time as he was supposed to be at a museum opening in Shumen over 80km to the South-West. The announcement went on to state that the family will observe a period of mourning and that for the time being the Empress would delegate her authority to the Chief Magistrate who has been appointed as Regent so she and her family can mourn in peace. The Imperial Palace also requested that all media respect the family’s privacy and not try to get pictures at this most sensitive time.

Emperor Consort Giorgos was the second husband and fourth partner overall of the Empress. They married in 2097. Besides his duties to the country as Emperor Consort, he was also the CEO of Odysseus Global, the owner of many social media services with a global reach. While he had a limited public profile compared to the other Emperors and Empress’ Consort, he nevertheless was very popular.

While the statement said the Empress is taking a step back to mourn, sources inside the Imperial Palace have stated that upon hearing the news the Empress collapsed and that she is currently being monitored by the Imperial Guard Medical Service. The collapse was reportedly the result of extreme stress and a sudden overload of emotion resulting in cardiomyopathy. Also known as Broken Heart Syndrome. The Empress will likely need a while to recover.

It is unclear why the Emperor Consort was not at the event location however it is most likely that the guidance system in the car failed and sent the driver to the wrong location. In a nearly immediate response to the announcement, large crowds have formed in front of the Imperial Palace with flowers and signs with messages of support for the Empress and her family. The King of Syria, Despot of Cyprus, President of Yugoslavia and all Union Governors have extended their condolences to the Empress, as has the Chief Magistrate on behald of the Cabinet, the Chair of the Senate on behalf of the Senate and the Speaker of the Assembly on behalf of the Assembly of the People. The President of Yugoslavia has furthermore given the Brijuni Islands as a gift to the Empress as a place where she can mourn and process the loss in complete peace and nature.