In Bombshell Announcement, Empress Reveals Existence of Alien Life, Responsibility for Impact

by | Mar 20, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Athens – In a last minute Imperial Statement, the Empress announced that the object which impacted the Union of Bulgaria was not a natural asteroid but an artificial object likely created by intelligent life beyond Earth. The Empress furthermore announced a chain of measures to be taken to identify the purpose of the object and to defend against possible additional objects.

While there was little doubt about the object not being a normal asteroid, the Empress has hereby confirmed the theories considered most farfetched. The Empress has pledged to set up a task force to share data with other countries as it becomes available and can be safely shared. The object itself is being held at an undisclosed location for further research.

In anticipation of the announcement, the Hellenic Army and police forces had been mobilized and deployed throughout the country to maintain security due to fears of riots. Several Union Governors and the King of Syria had even issued a curfew. However these fears seem to be unfounded as apart from a few minor engagements there have been no reports of protesting or riots. To the contrary even, on social media Athenians have expressed their praise for the Empress and her decision to go public as well as the quick work of all involved agencies. In the streets of Athens, Byzantion and Ancyra groups of civilians have marched to the Imperial Palace, Ministries and Hellenic Forces facilities to express their support. The forces deployed for riot control have instead been ordered to monitor these marches and protect participants in case there are any agitators.

After a dozen wars and ethnic tensions, the tragedy of The Impact seems to have unified the Athenian Federation once and for all.