Asteroid Hits Bulgaria Killing Millions

by | Mar 14, 2021 | News | 1 comment

Sofia – An asteroid has hit the Dobrich region in Bulgaria causing massive destruction. The asteroid, which according to early predictions had the force of a 250 megaton nuclear weapon, has annihilated everything in a 40km zone and caused massive damage beyond the impact zone. Earthquakes were felt throughout the Athenian Federation and could be felt as far as Scandinavia, Central Africa, Portugal and Iran.

Little is known about the nature of the asteroid, beyond that it was not known to the Asteroid Tracking project of the Hellenic Space Force. When it was detected the Hellenic Space Force tried to prevent it from entering the atmosphere but were unable to do so.

As the effects of the blast were felt in multiple regions and regional authorities have been incapacitated, the Empress has declared a state of emergency and ordered the Hellenic Forces as well as all other Imperial departments and agencies to provide emergency relief. The Ministry of Emergency Management has been activated to coordinate Imperial efforts.

Early predictions estimate that 15 to 20 million people were in the destruction zone and none of these are expected to have survived. The number does not include German prisoners of war who were held in a camp in the area and almost certainly died as well. The complete impacted area is home to 350 million people and the expectation is that tens of millions will have suffered from varying levels of injuries due to the impact and secondary disasters immediately following.

The Ministry of Emergency Management warns that they may not be safe yet, as the asteroid impact has likely had a heavy impact on the plates as well, there are fears of earthquakes, volcanic activity and possibly even tsunamis in the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea. Evacuation orders have been issued for areas likely to be affected.