February 2100 Report + Point Rolls

by | Mar 7, 2021 | Announcements | 0 comments

With another two weeks in the RP gone by and the conclusion of our first full month since the reboot, we now enter March 2100. While the past two weeks started slower, the last week has seen a massive surge in both active members and posts. Special mention goes to Sentinel who truly has hit the ground running with an interesting backstory as well as multiple diplomatic efforts. The past few weeks has seen the addition of MistaPuddin as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Sentinel at the Iberian Union. It has also seen the continuation of the European-German War and several diplomatic and space rp’s in addition to internal rp’s.

The staff would like to remind everyone that you are required to post at least once every 30 days. While currently no one is at that line, there are a few players who are approaching it. If there is any reason that you cannot post as actively as required right now, please contact the staff. We can grant exemptions in compelling circumstances.

Now of course what you’re all likely waiting for, the points:

Athenian Federation: 4
Singapore: 5
Union of African People’s Republics: 4
Kingdom of Finland: 5
Kingdom of France: 1
Polish Commonwealth: 2
Kingdom of Italy: 2
Sargun (Legacy in case he returns within the one month return period): 2
People’s Republic of the Netherlands: 1
American Commonwealth: 2
Republic of China: 3
Federation of Israel: 4
Greater German Empire: 3
Free Android Republic: 1
New Union of Soviet Socialist Republics: 5
Tsardom of Russia: 5
United Kingdom: 5
Iberian Union: 5