Professor Iris Andreas Honoured for Tesla Drive Invention

by | Mar 7, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Athens – Nearly a full month after unveiling the successful development of the Tesla Drive, the Imperial Palace has released a statement that Professor Iris Andreas, the leader of the multinational coalition that developed the aforementioned drive, will be given the Hero of the Athenian Federation award. This award is the highest civilian and military honour the Athenian Federation can bestow and is given by the Empress to the people who through their actions have been of immeasurable service to the Federation. Only six people have received the honour before her and all were military officers involved in fighting the wars that formed the Athenian Federation. Professor Andreas is thus both the first civilian to receive it and the first woman.

The statement from the Palace continued stating that the Tesla Drive has pushed forward Athenian goals in the solar system and beyond by decades as well as increasing the profile of the Athenian Federation as a home of scientific innovation and revolutionary developments so shortly after its establishment. Perhaps more significant to the professor than the honour itself, is that the Palace has also committed to fund any future projects for the professor’s lifetime. The Palace also committed to a one billion drachma annual fund for Theodora University, the university where Professor Andreas works and where she did her research, and additional funds for the other Athenian scientists involved in the project.

Other organizations have come out today as well announcing their own measures to honour the professor for her work. The Hellenic Space Agency and Hellenic Space Force have announced that the command centre and initial complex of the joint base on Mars under Operation: Nyx will be called the Professor Iris Andreas Centre. Theodora University has announced a new scholarship named the Professor Iris Andreas Scholarship for Physics and Engineering that will annually fully fund tuition, rent, materials and groceries for one hundred students from all over the world. For Athenian students who already receive full tuition and lodging from the government, they may use the excess for projects that enhance their studies.

Professor Iris Andreas was born in Aegea, then still the seperate Queendom of Macedon, on March 6th 2073 to Doctor Nikos Andreas, a neurosurgeon, and Professor Viktoria Andreas-Stavros, a biophysics professor. From an early age she showed a much higher than average intellect and after graduating a year early she attended the American Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on a physics program. After achieving her PhD in Particle Physics Professor Andreas returned to the Queendom of Macedon and became an Assistant Professor in the Physics faculty at the University of Aegea. In 2095 she moved to Boğaziçi University to lead the Physics Faculty after the Union of Asia Minor came under Athenian control. In 2096 the university was renamed to Theodora University in the first stage of Hellenization of Asia Minor. There she has spent most of the past five years researching the Tesla Drive, an effort significantly sped up after the discovery of Andrite, the unique particle produced during nuclear reactions that makes the Tesla Drive function.

Professor Andreas, when asked about becoming the first Heroine of the Athenian Federation, stated that she was overwhelmed and honoured by the award and has once again thanked both her own team at Theodora University and the many other scientists around the world who contributed. She added that she is already working on improving the Tesla Drive to go even faster and that the additional funding will greatly benefit her work. She also stated that she has a deep respect for the Empress and looks forward to meeting her in person at the award ceremony.