Hellenic Space Force Launches HSS Hera, Flagship of the Fleet

by | Mar 6, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Aether Ship Yards – Mere minutes ago the Hellenic Space Force has unveiled the HSS Hera, the frigate of the same class that will serve as the flagship of the Hellenic Space Force in its efforts. The ship is significantly larger and more powerful than the Uranus and Persephone Classes and as a result can only be constructed in space as an Earth-based launch would be too risky and expensive.

The launch of the HSS Hera was overseen by Captain Alexis Drakos, the Base Commander of Stargate 1 and by extension the Aether Ship Yards where the ship was constructed. The HSS Hera will currently remain near Stargate 1 to complete the final test of all its systems and to await its full crew complement, including the yet to be named Commanding Officer. Two more ships of the same class are currently under construction and seven more are expected to be built in upcoming months.

Much like its smaller siblings, the HSS Hera will primarily serve to defend the civilian missions of the Hellenic Space Agency and facilities under control of the Hellenic Space Force. As a military ship, however, it is well armed and will also serve to defend Athenian interests against other space powers and possible extraterestrial threats that may be uncovered as humanity pushes further into the stars.

Regardless as the first ship fully constructed and maintained in space, the HSS Hera will be guaranteed its spot in the history books.