Ariel David Elected President of the Federation of Israel

by | Mar 5, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Jerusalem – In a victory even greater than many polls predicted, Ariel David has been elected as president of the Federation of Israel. Running on a platform of religious tolerance, ethnic cooperation and socialist leaning economic measures the candidate of the Social-Federalist Party has secured 69% of the vote, rendering a second round run-off more than obsolete. Her closest opponent, Benjamin Sharon of Likud secured only 20%. The election is widely considered a complete renunciation of old politics and a desire by both the Jewish and Arab populations to establish peace within the Federation once and for all.

While the President will hold her victory speech tomorrow, she has already given a short statement over the telephone to the press. In this statement she thanked the people of Israel for their support and stated that she would make great haste to fulfil her electoral promises. A commitment she would almost certainly be able to keep as her Social-Federalist Party has also secured 130 out of 240 seats in the Knesset and 35 out of 50 seats in the Federation Council.

Among these promises are an increase of police funding in Arab dominated areas to combat acts of racism against the Arab population as well as increased funding for public schools and public hospitals. Additionally President David has promised to form a committee to make proposals to increase the numbers of Arabs in police services and the civil service to more accurately reflect society. Finally, she is also expected to pass an immediate Presidential Decree lifting the exemption of Orthodox Jews and Arabs from being conscripted in the Israel Defense Forces.

The full list of plans for her first 100 days in office will likely be announced in her victory speech.