Vittorio Madeira Transferred to San Vittore Prison, Formally Charged

by | Mar 5, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Milan – After being detained for a month in the Royal Palace of Caserta due to fears for a possible escape attempt, the former dictator of the Italian Republic Vittorio Madeira has been transferred to the San Vittore Prison in Milan. The prison, previously used by the the Special Internventions Division has been placed under the administration of the Royal Army and is now used to imprison high profile prisoners of the past regime pending their trial.

Madeira has been charged with high treason against the Italian people, abuse of power, corruption, war crimes, 56,000 counts of conspiracy to commit murder as well as one count of kidnapping and fifteen counts of rape all relating to then Princess Amalia Aurora Eva Sforza during the time she was held as Madeira’s personal prisoner. if convicted by the Special Court on the Prosecution of the Fascist Dictatorship he is to be executed by hanging. The Queen has already stated her intent to testify on the crimes relating to her to make sure justice reigns supreme and that all victims of the regime feel comfortable to come forward with their own stories, also stating that she is not ashamed of what happened to her and that no one else should be either.

The delay in both the transfer and charges being filed is due to fears that in the immediate aftermath Italian forces would not be able to properly secure the prison. As Queen Amalia is already under protection of the Royal Guard and the Royal Army holds responsibility to secure the Royal palace, it was believed to be the most secure place to detain him. The area around the San Vittore Prison has been placed under a maximum security status and the airspace over it has been restricted at all altitudes to prevent an escape attempt by air. The prison is expected to hold a total of 450 high profile prisoners including high level government officials, civil servants, military leadership and police leadership as well as a total of up to 200 individual agents believed to be responsible individually for especially gruesome crimes.

The trial of Vittorio Madeira is set to start on the 1st of March.