German Defensive Collapsing Against Athenian-Polish Onslaught

by | Mar 4, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Athens – In mere days from the start of hostilities, the Greater German Empire has all but imploded as it proved unable to resist the combined force of Athenian and Polish forces. The German Air Force and Navy have been neutralized in their entirety and the German Army is rapidly losing territory against both the Coalition and a new revolutionary movement in North-West Germany.

Things already started going downhill for Germany after the first Athenian strike. Facing superior numbers, the commanding Admiral of the German fleet offered the surrender of all the ships and sailors under his command. Under Athenian oversight the German ships have been transported away from the combat zone and German personnel has been detained as prisoners of war. Simultaneously the lack of a ground-based air defence resulted in enormous losses for their Air Force as both Athenian and Polish aircraft operated over German airspace all but uncontested.

On the ground German forces initially held against the Polish-Athenian push west, however after naval landings in Northern Germany and an apparent switching of sides of an entire German military branch has made them rapidly lose territory.

The revolutionary movement, calling itself the German People’s Republic, seems to be the opposite of the dictatorship under Chancellor Schmidt. While much remains uncertain about their ideology and intentions, they have already shown an intent to cooperate with coalition forces in fighting the existing government. In response to questions if the Athenian Federation would recognize the GPR and specifically their leader Julia Bonk, the Press Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that “The goal of the Athenian Federation is to restore the safety of our people and to restore democracy and human rights to Germany. We will work with any party that shares those goals. As far as recognizing a new German government however, that is up to the German people. If the German people stand behind Julia Bonk she has a role to play in post-war Germany. But at this point we know too little to say definitively. This is something we can address after Chancellor Schmidt and his forces have been defeated and our people are safe”.

Military analysts do not believe the Germans will be able to hold out much longer and will likely be forced to surrender within two weeks. Dictatorship aligned media have recently begun introducing articles suggesting that the German forces are somehow holding and even pushing into Athenian and Polish territory. These articles as well as many others show the ferocity of the fascist propaganda machine. The German people deserve and need better.