Interior Borders to Be Opened

by | Mar 4, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Madrid – On her first day as reigning monarch, Queen Alba has introduced proposals into both the Parliaments of Spain and Portugal to open the borders between Spain, Portugal and Morocco and immediately allow citizens of both Kingdoms and the territory to travel freely throughout the Iberian Union. The law would also grant the right of residence and work. The proposal is the first in a previously announced initiative by the Queen to increase unity within the Iberian Union and create an overarching Iberian identity to complement the Spanish, Portuguese and Moroccan identities. “The Kingdom of Portugal, the Kingdom of Spain, the Territory of Morocco. Right now we are united by coincidence, but if we are to be a powerful and lasting power in this universe we must build bridges that will last beyond my lifetime. The Iberian Union is the future” The Queen said in the press briefing where she announced her plans.

The law will create the legal status, however in practice most measures will already go into effect as the Queen has used her own authority to order the border guards to stand down and has forbidden the Ministries of Internal Affairs to provide information about citizenship status to would be employers and municipalities where it involves citizens of one of the three territories. Within Morocco the law has already entered into effect due to a Royal Decree issued through the Office of the Viceroy. As the measure enjoys large support in both governmental coalitions it is expected the law will be in effect throughout the Iberian Union shortly.

While the change is largely supported, the Spanish far right has voiced opposition to the law out of fears that it will lead to a surge of low wage African workers who would take Spanish jobs. With only 10% in Parliament however, they are not a significant enough force to block the law.