Regency Ends, Queen Alba Ascends

by | Mar 3, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Madrid – After thirteen years as Queen of Portugal and two years as Queen of Spain, Queen Alba of Spain and Portugal can finally truly claim power as with her 18th birthday, her regency has come to an end. In a closed, but televised, ceremony the young Queen has addressed the Union outlining her pledge to the people and promises for the future. The Queen already enters the history books as the first monarch to unify the two Kingdoms in centuries.

As Queen of Portugal she was preceded by her father King Manuel of Portugal who died in a tragic car accident in 2087 when the Queen was only five years old. The King was well loved by the people and generally considered one of the best Kings Portugal ever had. Key achievements of his reign include creating the largest navy of Europe at the time and rebuilding the economy after 50 years of mismanagement by his predecessor, the Queen’s grandfather.

As Queen of Spain she was preceded by her uncle King Alfonso XIV of Spain. King Alfonso unlike his brother inherited most traits of their father and is faulted for bringing the Spanish state to near bankruptcy. He died at age 68 found in a Madrid brothel and while he had produced many children in his lifetime, none could make a legal claim to the throne.

The Queen Mother has ruled both Kingdoms as regent and left the young Queen with stable and prosperous countries. In her speech she announced a policy of peace and diplomacy while seeking a pioneering role in the new global space race. The future will tell which of her relatives the Queen most resembles, the hopes of three nations are that she is closer to her parents than to her grandfather and uncle.