Germany Victorious in War Against Savages!

by | Mar 2, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Berlin – Following several days of fighting the Oberkommando der Reichswehr has reported great success on all fronts. As German soldiers march to Warsaw, an amphibious invasion of the Greek mainland is moving swiftly to arrest the harlot Athanasia for her crimes against the German people. Reports that the inferior beings have made it past the border and even that they have somehow taken over Hamburg are fake news. “At the current rate we expect a Polish surrender by the end of the month. The Greeks should follow shortly after.” The Oberkommandant der Reichswehr stated in an interview with this newspaper.

Reports from the front state that enemy soldiers are surrendering and committing suicide in massive numbers when they see German soldiers approaching. The people, most of which impoverished and in horrible condition welcome our powerful and honorable men.

While some enemy aircraft have managed to push through the glorious defense of our Luftwaffe and bomb hospitals and orphanages, most are shot down before they can even reach German territory.

Cowardly communist opportunists have once again tried to backstab the German people, falsely assuming that this war has left the Chancellor’s back open. However nothing could be further from the truth. As we speak the Army and Volkssturm are working to detain any traitors and punish them accordingly.

The Great War for German Sovereignty will be won shortly. Hail Kaiser Wilhelm! Hail Chancellor Schmidt!