January 2100 Report + Point Rolls

by | Feb 21, 2021 | Announcements | 0 comments

With the first two weeks of Novos Mundos concluded, so also ends the month January 2100. Starting tomorrow we will have entered February 2100. The growth and RP these past few weeks have been absolutely incredible. We have grown into nearly two dozen unique countries and many stories are already developing. While growth will always be a focus, for the upcoming period our priorities will shift to actually bringing about more storytelling. It is our hope that the addition of the final frontier in stages as well as the upcoming event system will provide the motivation for even our less active writers to go in full.

All in all this has been a successful first two weeks and the staff looks forward to more. Of course with the start of a new IC month, there also are points to be divided. As outlined in the rules a roll from 1 to 5 will be done for each player/entity. The rolls are as follows.

Athenian Federation: 5
Singapore: 4
Union of African People’s Republics: 3
Kingdom of Finland: 3
Kingdom of France: 5
Polish Commonwealth: 5
Kingdom of Italy: 4
Sargun (Legacy in case he returns within the one month return period): 4
People’s Republic of the Netherlands: 5
American Commonwealth; 1
Republic of China: 5
Federation of Israel: 2
Greater German Empire: 2
Free Android Republic: 5
New Union of Soviet Socialist Republics: 1
Tsardom of Russia: 4