Hellenic Space Force Launches HSS Uranus

by | Feb 18, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Heraklion, Union of Greece – While the war against Germany is ongoing, scientific innovation has not ended. After months of development, the Hellenic Space Force has launched the HSS Uranus from its launch facilities in Crete. The Uranus is the first space ship in the HSF using the new Tesla Drive technology. Combined with the newest in Athenian engineering, it is a scientific and military marvel. The Uranus will be responsible for escorting future missions of the Hellenic Space Agency and protect Athenian space assets from all threats.

The HSS Uranus has been classified as a light frigate, and as such carries an arsenal of cannons and missiles. It is manned by twenty members of the Hellenic Space Force. The Hellenic Marine Corps will be training Space Marines to serve as a Marine escort in the future. At the moment the Uranus will remain in Earth’s orbit, however its first escort mission is expected soon as the HSAS Hawking will depart for the Moon soon to establish the first off-world base of the Athenian Federation.