Global Events System Going Live March 1st

by | Feb 10, 2021 | Announcements | 0 comments

To add an element of unpredictability and keep the RP interesting even at slower times, the staff has long had the goal to implement a global event system. These events would be random and of a varying severity and can have either positive or negative effects. As a bonus the people affected by an event will receive the full 5 points for that play round. The event system will work as follows.

Each 1st of the month the staff will do a roll. A score from 1 to 40 will cause a tier 1 event, A score from 41 to 70 will cause a tier 2 event, a score from 71 to 90 will cause a tier 3 event, a score from 91 to 99 will cause a tier 4 event and a score of 100 will cause a tier 5 event. Depending on the tier, another roll will then be done to determine the country or continent affected. A final roll is done to choose the specific event. A negative event will only have narrative (story consequences), a positive event will provide an actual bonus. Tier 5 events only have negative outcomes.

Tier 1 event: These events will affect only a single entity and are the lightest of events.

  1. A particularly notorious criminal organization has suddenly gone a lot more active. After performing a massive crime in the capital, the population demands immediate action from the government.
  2. Dissatisfaction with labour conditions in a specific workplace has caused a strike by the local and surrounding workers. The strike tends to hurt the economic development of the entity.
  3. An expeditionary team has uncovered a new source of an important resource. Exploitation of the new find will prove a serious boon to the economy [+2 points on the next roll].

Tier 2 event: These events will affect only a single entity but are decidedly more severe in consequences.

  1. Following an incident of discrimination on ethnic, religious, racial, gender identity or sexual orientation basis by a government agency, massive protests have broken out throughout the entity. Protests threaten to destabilize the entity and affect it to its core.
  2. After irresponsible government finances and dangerous speculation on the financial markets, the entity faces a massive recession.
  3. A wave of national pride and enthusiasm for the entity has resulted in strong support for and interesting in joining the armed forces[+10% on any military order in the next two weeks].

Tier 3 event: These events will affect a continent and are generally light.

  1. A heat or cold wave (depending on season) has overtaken the continent. The governments must take action to save the population from the consequences of the anomaly. Especially those weakest.
  2. A major multi-national criminal organization has caused havoc in multiple countries. Coordinated action is required to take them down as their network has grown too big to be fought by a single country.
  3. A major new movie has increased interest in the continent by foreign tourists. The additional income is a major boost to the governments. [The result from the next point roll is doubled]

Tier 4 event: These events will have a global impact and are more severe.

  1. A new virus has broken containment and through global travel has appeared in all continents. The virus does not respond to any known treatment and has a high infection rate combined with a long incubation period and significant lethality.
  2. A major disaster has hit a significant part of the world, a global effort is needed to rebuild.
  3. The integration and increase in global trade after a century of isolation has boosted all economic sectors, the world is finally reaching a state where economic development truly uplifts everyone. [Everyone gets 15 points]

Tier 5 event: The events have a global impact and if not stopped can be apocalyptic. As these events require the space system, they are currently locked. A roll of 100 will instead trigger a tier 4 event.

  1. The technological development and expansion of humans has not gone unnoticed, an alien expeditionary force recognizes Earth as a threat against their interstellar empire. The human entities must stop the force before they can contact their home.
  2. Long-range space-facing sensors detect an asteroid on a direct path with Earth. The asteroid is large enough that a direct impact could cause permanent ecological damage.