New Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Withdraws Embassy from Germany

by | Feb 10, 2021 | In Character, News | 0 comments

Moscow – Citing recent German hostility towards the Athenian Federation and the Greek people, the New Union of Soviet Socialist Republics has declared that it will be removing all staff and families from the Russian Embassy in Berlin effective immediately. Russian Citizens are advised to immediately leave the country and travel to safer nations until further notice.

Along with the recalling of Russian diplomats, NUSSR will be enacting immediate sanctions on Germany. “The behavior of the government will not be tolerated,” said Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lavr Yegorovich Obolensky, “and as such we must take immediate action.” The sanctions include the halting of all air traffic to German Airports, the restriction of all commercial goods by land, sea, and air, the halt of all transactions with German businesses and government, disallowing of German vessels to Russian ports, and disallowing of German aircraft from entering Russian airspace.

Despite the later response of the Soviet Government, officials state they were ensuring that their move against the declining German State had to be of full force, unlike the illegitimate government of the East and their “encouragement” rather than actual declarations. Minister Oblensky included, “We have learned of the mistakes of the past, and as such take serious measures when we commit to the condemning of a dangerous state. Our people will not be swayed by the petty nonsense of false promises from those who can’t back their words.”