Athens Goes to War Again!

by | Feb 9, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Athens – In response to the massacre of Athenian life and to save the remaining hostages in German custody, the Empress has declared war on the Greater German Empire. While Athens had only months ago concluded the final internal conflicts, the Hellenic Forces are called upon once again to protect the Federation and her citizens.

Enthusiasm among both military personnel and civilians is incredibly high as images of the two hundred corpses in front of the Athenian embassy were broadcast wide. In an unseen act of unity, the Assembly of the People voted unanimously to support the Empress in its final session before being suspended for its safety as part of the declared state of emergency.

Litttle is known about Germany’s military capabilities but they are believed to be weaker than the Hellenic Forces. They also do not have nuclear weapons. The Ministry of Defence has confirmed that all nuclear weapons have been moved to a state of alert, however they have also confirmed that Athens will not launch a nuclear weapon first.