Tsardom of Russia Withdraws Embassy from Germany

by | Feb 9, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Novosibirsk – Citing recent German hostility towards the Athenian Federation and the Greek people, the Tsar has published a memorandum ordering the withdrawal of the Tsardom’s diplomats from Germany. Minister of Foreign Affairs Natalya Ivanova read the memorandum aloud shortly after its publishing in a press conference. There, she stated, “Unless the German nation immediately corrects its course and returns to acting as a responsible partner in world affairs, the Tsardom of Russia cannot and will not abide the extremely nationalistic government of Germany.” Going further, she announced that Russian citizens and companies were strongly encouraged not to do trade with Germany. Finally, she noted that sanctions were being discussed, with the magnitude of such sanctions being the focus.

During press questions, Minister Ivanova responded to questions regarding rumored racially-motivated killings of Greek civilians in Germany: “If such rumors are confirmed, it would naturally preclude any negotiations with Germany: at that point, perhaps even the strictest sanctions would not be enough.”

Noteworthily, the Tsardom’s announcement was made prior to any announcement of such kind from the illegitimate government to the west, which was further noted during questioning, as, when a reporter from the Novosibirsk Times inquired as to the government’s opinion on such a matter, Minister Ivanova smiled, and said, “It is not altogether unsurprising that the Bolsheviks have once again underestimated an ultranationalistic German regime and reacted all too slowly to a potentially existential threat. The Tsar and his government have learned from such mistakes and are prepared to ack quickly, with whatever means are feasible, to address threats to Russia and her people.”