Greek Cockroaches Attack Glorious Germany!

by | Feb 9, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Berlin – Defying all forms of decency, good manners and sanity the Athenian Federation has announced sanctions against the glorious Greater German Empire. The cowards and the wench who commands them in Athens have taken direct measures against our magnanimous and almighty Chancellor Rudolf Schmidt and many other true Germans. The German people, angered by this attack against the very core of Germany itself have gone to the street to show Greeks in Germany just what they think. The Reichspolizei is monitoring the protests and will interfere if any action is taken against Germans.

The Reichsministerium des Innern has declared all persons in Germany with Athenian heritage undesireable and ordered the police to arrest them as illegal aliens. Their property will be confiscated to compensate Germany for the losses of these illegal sanctions.

Chancellor Schmidt had the following to say this afternoon. “Once again Germany is being attacked by the foreign puppets of the Jewish world government. The Greeks were once a proud people but like all people not as strong as us Germans, they have fallen for the deceit of the Jew. Their libel and slander of the German state will not go unpunished. We will strike at them and anyone who dares interfere with us. Their Empress shall beg for mercy as mighty German soldiers storm her den of decadence. Germany above all!”