Empress Announces Immediate Sanctions Against Greater German Empire

by | Feb 9, 2021 | News | 17 comments

Athens – Following the rise of a new far right government in Germany, the Empress has announced that she has instructed the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Justice to implement a large package of sanctions against the German state. She has cited recent declarations by the German government as giving Athens sufficient cause to take these actions.

The package contains both personal and nationwide sanctions. On a personal level Emperor Wilhelm III, Chancellor Rudolf Schmidt and all other high ranking government and NDAP party members will be denied entry to the Athenian Federation. Additionally, any assets and property within the Federation will be frozen. Nationwide, all weapons contracts are cancelled and no dual-use technology may be exported. Goods coming from Germany will be subject to enhanced screening. Perhaps most importantly, the Greater German Empire has been given a code orange designation. This designation allows embassy and immigration officials to grant refugee status to German citizens more easily.

Germany has a long and dark history with nationalism. From the holocaust where six million Jews and many others were murdered to World War II in which only the power of a unified Europe could fight back the German onslaught. While efforts were made after the war to deradicalize the German population, this new government shows that they have failed.

Empress Athanasia concluded the announcement with a warning. “Kaiser Wilhelm, Chancellor Schmidt. We are watching you. If you repeat the mistakes of the past we will not appease you. We will not wait for you to strike at us. We will strike first and we will destroy you. My greatgrandfather promised to never let something like the holocaust happen again. I will keep his word.”