Istanbul Renamed to Byzantion

by | Feb 7, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Byzantion – In line with the efforts by the local government to better reflect the now majority Greek population in the city of Istanbul, the municipal council has requested the Empress to authorize the renaming of the city to Byzantion. The name it originally had before the Roman Empire moved its capital and established Constantinople. The request was immediately approved by the Empress.

While not the capital, Byzantion is the largest city in the Athenian Federation and next to Athens is the only city given an Imperial status. As an Imperial city it is ruled directly by the Empress rather than the Spartan League which it belonged to prior.

In response to the move members of the Turkish minority have begun protesting in Byzantion and major cities within the Union of Asia Minor, these protests have remained peaceful so far. Local police are monitoring them to guarantee they remain peaceful.